BCR Touring

November 23 is a national holiday in Japan.
I participated in 'BCR Touring' performed on the holiday.

A place is north Izu.
There is "Hakone" in this north Izu, and there is winding road called "Tsubaki line".
Tsubaki line seems to be Japanese Mulholland.
(I have not gone to Mulholland, but.)
That day was not able to run by fog, but on a fine day, many riders gather.

Through Hakone, cross Izu Peninsula, and lunch is a restaurant "IRIE" of Nishiura.
After lunch, we ran for winding road again, and took a hot spa and finished touring.

The circuit is good, but touring with the mate is the best!

FYI, it is "Labor Thanksgiving Day" on this national holiday.

BCR is "Bay City Runners"
Riders team based on Yokohama.
And a leader is Nobu Kikuchi who participated in Daytona.

Report blog of restaurant "IRIE"

Hot Spa 'YUTORO'