2009 'Satsuki no Jin'

Teste of Tsukuba 'Satsuki no Jin'
Result of the 'D.O.B.A.R Monster' class

Pos No Name          Team                Type
1  12 Junichi Watanabe   TCS-FIX              K-Z1000P
2  37 Katsutoshi Ishigami  BCR & HEAD HUNTER Yokohama K-KZ900
3  97 Toshiyuki Nagashima  AS Aoyama             H-CB750F

It is rainy from an early morning.
However, rain stops strangely when a preliminary begins.

The entry number to the "D.O.B.A.R MONSTER" class is 53 of them in all.
And Finals grid is 32 of them.
The fight for fierce grid is inevitable.

Rain stops again.
This is one of the MONSTER legends so.
"MONSTER class does not rain"

The exquisite start is the third person preliminary, #83 Yasuo Arai.
However, the judder of the clutch just before the start is a pit stop by the penalty by a judgment with the 'Jumpstart'.
And #70 Shingo Saeki is crash of the deep regret by the first turn just after the start. He just became the retirement.

In the race latter half, #12 Junichi Watanabe pulled race, and one step #37 Katsutoshi Ishigami did not extend, and a checker flag of ten laps of race was just waved.

'Satsuki' is 'May'.
'Jin' is 'War'.
'Satsuki no Jin' is 'May's War'.

Next, November's War.
Japanese say 'Kaguraduki no Jin'

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