TSCC 2009

June 21,There was ride meeting called 'The Sword Crazy Convention'.
It is held for reasons of "KATANA owner and the friendship of SUZUKI owner", and it is the seventh by this year.
A sponsor changed from this time and turned into an event aimed for skill up.

The place "Sports Land Yamanashi".
There is it on the slope of the mountain and is small.
However, the course is an intense interesting layout of the ups and downs which made use of the topography in.

The course condition is heavy wet because of rain on that day.
However, rain stopped in the afternoon and was dry and was able to run.

Mainly on the Kawasaki Z series, many vintage motorcycles participated.
Lecturers consist of a 'T.O.T' top rider, and, as it were, it seems to be a SuperBike School.

This is not shop sponsorship, it is a personal meeting.

Sports Land Yamanashi
TSCC 'The Sword Crazy Convention'