2010 'Satsuki no Jin'

D.O.B.A.R.Monster class 64 entry.
By a preliminary, Group A is the 32nd from the top, Group B is thereunder.

Finals result of Group A.

Pos No Name          Team               Type
1   2 Eiji Kawashima    POWER-BUILDER       K-Z1000R
2  70 Shingo Saeki     RODS&BLUE         K-KZ1000
3  37 Katsutoshi Ishigami  BCR & HEAD HUNTER Yokohama K-KZ900

A race began in holeshot of #70 Saeki of the third grid.
A fierce battle of middle stage, #70 and #2.
However, it is interrupted to the seventh lap by a red flag.
By a rule, Race concluded with six laps.

Next, finals result of Group B.

Pos No Name          Team               Type
1  97 Toshiyuki Nagashima  AS Aoyama         H-CB750F
2  36 Takayoshi Shiine   MG-NEST&Daishin Techno   K-Z1R
3  52 Akira Takasu     ShopaMukadePokidamBCR   K-Z1R

#97 Nagashima which finished a preliminary by a machine trouble.
The run of the finals attracts attention.

#36 Shiine of holeshot lead a race.
However, #97 Nagashima becomes the top to the 4th lap.
It seemed to just gain a wide margin.
But, he fell down by the fifth lap first turn by a high side.
A red flag by this.

Heat 2 will be performed by a rule.
As for heat 2, #52 Takasu is holeshot.
However, #97, #36 outstrip.
Just became the checkers.

It was Monster class which did a heat more than before.

Photo by 'CONAT'