Suka Tune

Racer of former Moriwaki and Yoshimura did not have a side cover, and exposed battery, and it was cool with lightness.
And, in the present age, there is a custom to remove a side cover, it is called 'SUKA tune'.
In addition, it is called Adachi Kei.
'SUKA' is a meaning to be empty.

The greatest good point of Adachi Kei is a position of the battery.

At first, Change battery for an MF type.
And, incline battery along a frame.
Battery is out of sight in this.

It seems to be easy at a glance, but it is a very troublesome custom.
And there is really an effect becoming light in movement.

Koba's Z1

The trouble that an important side cover flies in this disappears.


T.O.M 2nd

T.O.M is time trial games.
Rider that a lap time was the fastest becomes the winner.

Pos Name     Point
1   Harutaro   10pt
2   44       7pt
3   Shark     5pt
4   Centipede  3pt

Congratulation, Harutaro.
Next time, Don't fall!

T.O.M is 'Taste of Mikawa'.
Mikawa is East Aichi of Japan.

Thx 44!


Pre T.O.M

Correspondents Report

A pre-run of 'Taste of Mikawa' was performed at SPA NISHIURA MOTOR PARK the other day.

It is personal circuit play in an old motorcycle.
Because I look happy, I intend to participate.