Two machines left for Florida.

Good luck!

"Play is fun"


kZo 2009

It is last year.
"Kaku Z meeting" was held on last October 25, 2009.

'Kaku' is square.
Z1 appeared in 72, and square Mk2( Japan model 750FX) was released as the succeeding model in 79.
It was limited to this succeeding model at first, but changed for a meeting of square Z gradually.

The meeting that only gathers every year in autumn.
However, this time is the 30th anniversary of birth.
A shop booth opened a store, and a lot of Z riders gathered.

1st promoter is gold machine.
2nd promoter is orange machine.

Spl Thanx, Photo by Mr UME.

In addition, kZo has the jinx.
It is the rain which falls to cool a heat rider.
The rain said "Run slowly today!".

'kZo' is 'kaku no Z only'.
Squarish Z only.



There is a comic called "Aitsu To Lullaby" in Japan and is popular with riders very much.
The reason is because a story relates to a motorcycle.
And the main character rides on Kawasaki Z2.
A motif of this machine is the Z2.

"Aitsu To Lullaby"

In addition, the red & white says "Kouhaku" in Japan and is a sign of good luck.

'Aitsu To Lullaby'.
'Aitsu' is 'girlfriend'.
'Aitsu To Lullaby' is 'Lullaby with girlfriend'.