2009 SuperMonster 80's Round 4

There is a foundation of the club team called MCFAJ in Japan, and there performs "Clubman RoadRace" in four a year series races.
And the class called "SuperMonster 80's" is included in this race.
This class parts to 'A' and 'B', 'A' is a class of a motorcycle marketed by 1983.
By the way, this 'A' becomes the class which seems to have put "MONSTER" and "MONSTR EVO" of "Taste of Tsukuba" together.

In the next week of "Taste of Tsukuba", an MCFAJ Clubman RoadRace was performed at the same Tsukuba circuit.
From the fewness of the entry of each class, race was mixed with the other classes.

Result, the champion of this SuperMonster 80's A class is a Shark!


#118 Shark!

MCFAJ site (japanese only)