Two machines which won in Daytona of CCS and AHRMA were supported by a small motorcycle shop called "BLUE THUNDERS".

This small motorcycle shop is located in Adachi-ku of the downtown area of Tokyo, and there is a small factory in the side of Arakawa river and tunes up Z of the old Kawasaki motorcycle in Maine.
In the small factory, used machine tools form a line, and an engine tuned up variously is loaded with orderly by a shelf.
Surely the factory when YOSHIMURA went into U.S.A. for the first time would be such an air.
Seemingly it is hard to drop in, but the Ohara mechanic which is polite with Iwano of the tuner which is a frank representative is friendly, and the place where a lot of friends gather.

From such a place, world's best Z was produced.

An article of RoadRacerX of the last year