Taste of Tsukuba

There is a vintage motorcycle race called 'Taste of Tsukuba' in Japan.

・Days of Bike and Roses(D.O.B.A.R.)1
・D.O.B.A.R.MONSTER Evolution
・Great Hero's(exhibition race)

There are various classes, but, above all, 'D.O.B.A.R Monster' is popular and becomes the main event.

Regulation of 'D.O.B.A.R.Monster'
・Motorcycle which was produced by 1982
・Steel frame
・Two rear suspensions
・Air cooled
・3-6 cylinders
・Production displacement : 750cc over
・General motorcycle (no production racer)

Machine of the 'D.O.B.A.R.Monster'
Kawasaki KZ900,KZ1000,KZ1000Mk2,Z1R,ELR...
Honda CB900F,CB1100F,CB1100R,CBX1000...
Suzuki GS1000,GSX1100S KATANA...

'Taste of Tsukuba' is 2 times a year, but The excitement of audience exceeds AHRMA and thinks that it is the number one in the world.
When came to Japan, I want you to watch a race by all means.
This race of this year is May and November.

Site of 'Taste of Tsukuba', it is Japanese only.